Nana k Twum

Mr. Twum Obed (Nana K. Twum)

Administrator / Facilitator

Twum Opoku Obed (NanaK.Twum) is a rising business tycoon, IT expert, business developer, corporate trainer, founder of Naktech group, Traingh, Eminert Prime, Interns Connect, BolaMall, Jobniva, Norizona Ltd, Nakfarm, Kiayayo Ltd, Maykniva foods, Nakniva, Co-founder of Green heat technologies. A motivational speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur from Ghana, and startup engineer.
With Military background from the Army Recruitment Training School (ARTS) Shai Hills, he is well cultured, disciplined and results-oriented in personal life and business.
He is passionate about building viable businesses in Africa, creating jobs and employing more people. He is a self-taught IT expert, pursued a degree in BSc. Banking and Finance at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.
He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 after facing some financial difficulties. He taught himself programming, Microsoft office suite, graphic design, video editing, and architectural design with a faulty mini-laptop and acquired professional working experience from Jascan Construction and Dalex Finance. He is the facilitator of Traingh, trained over 15000 students, government workers in IT and over 940 individuals in vocational skills. He is also the founder of Interns Connect, a business that has provided over 18400 tertiary students with internships, National Service Scheme placement, and job recruitment. He is also the founder of the Business Startup, Eminert Prime, a leading business startup consulting firm consulting for most company’s clients in Ghana. He is also a renewable energy expert converting most agro waste into briquette and activated carbon.
Currently, he is the chairman of Naktech group, facilitator and administrator of UPSA Enterprise and Innovation Center, Managing director of the Business Incubator Center (BIC) of the University of Professional Studies Accra, Deputy patron to the Ministry of Business Development Students Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) and secretary and IT officer to Center for Climate, Law and Policy of the
University of Professional Studies Accra (CCLAP). He is also the Administrator at Realtech consult.

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