Lord Transport and Logistics (LTL)


Lord Nana Frimpong

Lord Nana Frimpong is a social entrepreneur and a third year Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Management major at the University of Professional studies, Accra. Lord is passionate about Food Security in the agriculture sector, thus to prevent post harvest loss and promote availability of food, access to food, utilization of food and to ensure food stability. Due to the difficulty and challenges that most farmers are facing in getting their farm produce from their farms to the market after harvest, Lord Transportation and Logistic came as a result of that to help mitigate this problem. Lord being so concerned about the well-being of the society; he is currently the Executive Director of The Lord’s Foundation where he is focused on helping the less privileged especially with children in the society.  As a social entrepreneur, Lord is much more into SDGs goals 18 and 17. Lord wants to ease the distress and fear of misplacement of their products by providing a trusted and secured way.

Value Proposition

Lord Transport and Logistics (LTL)

LTL seeks to provide a viable transport access to farmers in transporting farm produce from their farms to selected market centers; selling produce will boost the economic standing of the farmers.

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